Magnificent Mutts: 5 Reasons Why Space Coast Mixed-Breeds are PAW-Some

If you think those fancy purebreds have something going for them, you have another thing coming. Mixed-breed dogs (aka Mutts!) have a lot to offer, too. Though they are often overlooked, mutts have some fantastic qualities that make them great pets. There’s also something that’s just inherently loveable and endearing about them. And that’s why they are the go-to options for new paw-rents these days.

If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, read on to learn why you should consider a mixed-breed dog over a purebred pup.

1. Mutts may live longer

Purebred dogs are often bred to have a specific trait in their personality or appearance. This is why they look alike – because they all share the same set of genes. However, breeding for the same genes over a period of time can have detrimental effects. This is especially true if you are not dealing with ethical breeders. It can cause dogs with particular traits to have a higher probability of genetic defects and disorders.

Mixed-breeds, however, have a larger genetic pool that contains a variety of traits that balance each other out. This is why mutts tend to live longer than purebred dogs. Some have been known to live up to 20 years old!

2. They may be healthier

Because many purebred dog breeds have a high probability of genetic defects, they are also more prone to sickness. They tend to live longer, but mutts are less likely to develop illnesses and other health issues over time. You have to keep a closer eye on their health; even then, preventing them from becoming sick is not always possible.

Mutts are often healthier, which means less time spent worrying and less money spent at the vet! Of course, it’s still important to maintain annual vet checkups, but mixed-breed dogs can be very hardy.

3. Mutts are as unique as dogs can get

With purebred dogs, you know for sure what you’ll get. This can be a good thing in some ways, but at the same time, your dog will look the same as every other purebred out there.

Getting a mutt is almost like receiving a mystery gift. If you don’t know the parents’ lineage, you’ll be able to see their appearance change as they grow, and it’ll be a fun surprise to see what they look like!

Plus, you get the added satisfaction of having a totally unique dog. Since mixed breeds come from various backgrounds, no two mutts are the same! You’ll never see another dog on the street that looks quite like yours.

4. They’re (usually) cheaper

Mutts generally have cheaper startup costs compared to purebred dogs. As we’ve already mentioned, they are less prone to sickness, which means fewer vet bills for you! Not only that, but mixed breeds are usually cheaper to purchase as well.

Purchasing a purebred dog from a quality breeder could cost you hundreds or even upwards of thousands of dollars. If you are tempted to buy from an inexpensive breeder, think again because you are most likely purchasing from an unethical puppy mill or backyard breeder.

Mutts, on the other hand, can be found readily in local shelters or even as strays! Additionally, you can find listings on sites like or even Craiglist and Nextdoor of people trying to rehome their dogs. You may only have to pay a small adoption or rehoming fee. So you’ll be spending less money while getting the opportunity to rescue a pup in need! What more could you want?

5. The majority come housetrained

Most mutts you can find in shelters belonged to someone else before. Because of this, many mixed-breed shelter dogs come already potty- and housetrained. On the other hand, purchasing a purebred puppy from a breeder means you’ll have to do all the housetraining yourself – which can be very time-consuming.

If you’re someone who has a lot of other time commitments on your plate, trying to potty train a dog on top of it all can be overwhelming. And if you are not able to correct accidents immediately, the process will be dragged out much longer. So why not eliminate all that trouble by getting an adult mixed-breed already housetrained? Win-win!

So, if you don’t already own a mutt, the next dog you adopt or purchase should be a mixed-breed. Need we say more? You can thank us later.

And if there’s anything you may need after bringing home your new furry friend, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any pet care services you may need! Your magnificent mutt will likely be most comfortable in his own home, so our In-Home Pet Visits would be the best fit!




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