Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only take care of dogs and cats?
Our team has experience with all types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish & other aquatics, reptiles, rodents, and exotics. We have even cared for a potbelly pig and a baby squirrel! If you leave it, we will love and care for it! We currently do not offer farm care.
What are your hours?

Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm. The office is closed on weekends and all Federal holidays, but we do check emails and voicemails regularly. Calls are monitored for emergencies when the office is closed. All other calls and messages are returned during regular business hours. We care for clients 24/7.

How do I book services?

The first step is to register you and your pet’s information into our online system. Then we will schedule a meet & greet in your home at a time that is convenient for you. Once that is complete, you can go online at anytime on your phone, tablet or computer and request services with just a few clicks via online or the app!

Do you require a minimum amount of visits per day to care for my pet while I am away?

This will all depend on the age, type, breed, medical needs and bathroom needs of your pet. There is no “one size fits all” so we customize your pet’s care schedule taking everything into consideration. We visit cats a minimum of 1 time daily. Dogs will vary based on their living situation, however the average pet parent schedules 2-4 visits daily. Exotics, fish, and other pets will be determined based on need. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Full Refunds will be issued via account credit if cancellation is made 7 days prior to booking date (14 days prior to holidays). A 50% refund will be issued via account credit if cancellation is made at least 48 hrs prior to booking date (7 days prior to holidays). Cancellations without 48 hours (7 days for holidays) notice will not receive a refund. 
If your pet becomes ill during our care and they are relocated to another medical facility, boarding facility or pet-sitter’s care, a 50% refund in the form of account credit will be issued for any remaining full days of service that were paid.
If your pet becomes aggressive and/or destructive during their stay and need to be relocated, no refunds will be issued. The pet taxi fee will be waived to bring them to another location of your choice or as agreed in our contract.

What are your holiday pricing dates and policies?
Holiday Pricing applies to reservation requests during peak holiday booking times, and spaces fill quickly well in advance! If a reservation has any dates that fall within the holiday period, the holiday pricing rate applies for those dates. All holiday periods are marked in the your Client Portal calendar.​
Do you take last minute reservations?

We make every effort to accommodate last minute requests. All booking requests will be approved prior to a sitter being assigned and completing the job. What constitutes “last minute?” Less than 48 hours prior to services starting. We understand emergencies happen, but outside of an urgent, unplanned emergency, it’s important to reserve your dates well in advance to ensure care is secured for your pets. This is especially true for holiday periods.

 Last minute booking fees may apply.

How Do You Get In My Home?
We use lockboxes to store your key and enter your home. You can select any lockbox that fits your needs and change the combination at any time you want.
What if I just use a garage opener or code and do not want to give a key?
We will always need a backup set of keys onsite in this case. In the event of loss of power or lack of garage access, we need to be able to enter the home using the front door. It’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Your pet’s health, safety, and well-being is our priority.
What can I expect at the Meet & Greet/Orientation?

We will introduce ourselves to you and your pet(s). We will go over where your pet care items are located, any special instructions, medications/supplements, location of food, treats, water, etc. We will test out the house key and lockbox code and go over the home alarm system if needed. We will locate where to dispose of pet waste and ask what your home preferences are as far as temperature, lighting, music, TV, etc. This is a 30-minute meeting via Zoom or in person to confirm your home & care information, meet your pet, and complete your new client orientation.

Why can't I come into your home?

For the safety of my family and the consideration of other pet guests currently staying with us at any given time, I do not allow home tours. Having a stranger enter the home is disruptive to both humans and animals and my goal is always to have a calm and peaceful environment in the home as much as possible. Saying goodbye outside in a neutral area is best for all involved and keeps anxiety levels lower. Online photos and reviews are available.

What happens During Home Visits?

We perform the duties that you have contracted with us to perform as well as basic light home duties free of charge. These duties can include mail and package pick-up, trash collection, plant watering, rotating lights, and interior perimeter security check of doors and windows upon request. We will ensure your home is secured before leaving at each and every visit. If your home appears to have been entered prior to or between our visits, local police emergency services will be called to do a security check of the home before entering. This is for the sitter’s and your pet’s safety. Ensuring all pets are taken care of, happy, safe, and healthy while maintaining your home is something we take great pride in. 

What do I need to have ready or prepared?

You will need to ensure you have enough food, supplies, medication, litter/bedding available for your sitter with surplus in case your trip is extended. Don’t forget paper towels and dish soap! It is always a good idea to let neighbors that you are friendly with know that you will be out of town and a pet sitter will be visiting. This may help eliminate calls to law enforcement by neighbors with good intentions. You will also need a local emergency back-up care provider/plan on file.

Do I need to contact my vet office prior to services?

Yes, you will need to call your vet and try to put a payment method (i.e. credit card) on file. In the event vet care is needed, this will not cause any unnecessary delay in your pet’s care. We realize some vets don’t hold payment information, so giving them a call and giving them a heads up is a smart choice.

Do I need to show you where I keep my cleaning products?

This is a standard item we go over during the meet & greet to make sure we know where your pet-safe cleaning products are located in the event we need to clean up any accidents or messes. We will also make sure we know where your trash and/or recycling is located. Please make sure you aren’t running out of paper towels, dish soap, or trash bags. 

How will I know that everything is going well with my pet and/or home while I am away?

We send an update letting you know how everything is going at the completion of each and every service. You will get an email and in-app notification, as well as you can check your online account for the latest visit summaries. We take photos of your pets as well so you can rest assured everything is going smoothly. You can also use the visit journals as a way of communicating directly with the team member providing care. This is often our pet parents’ favorite part of our service!

I am worried about giving someone access to my home. How am I protected?

We understand your concerns and do not take this topic lightly. This is why we put all applicants through a stringent and thorough screening process including federal background and driving record checks prior to hiring. In the event something happened to your home or pet that we were at fault, we are fully bonded and insured to protect you, your home, and your pets. One of the benefits of using a local, family-owned small business for your pet care needs is that we treat your family just as we would our own.