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Popular Groomers in Brevard County

We know how important it is to have peace of mind when it comes to leaving your beloved fur family members in the care of others. Services like dog groomers are no exception to this, especially with all of the news we see these days on negative experiences people have had with groomers. That’s why we’ve put together this list on some of the best and most reputable groomers in the Space Coast, so you can rest assured your pets are in the best hands!

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Why does my pet need a good groomer?

You may think that because your dog or cat doesn’t have long hair, they don’t require grooming services. When you have a specialty breed, you obviously need a good groomer who can give them the appropriate clip and services. Groomers offer much more than just hair cuts and baths, however. Important services for your pet’s health, such as nail trims, eye cleaning, treating skin conditions, and even cleaning ears, can all be completed by your local groomer.

Many of our pets, dogs and cats included, aren’t so cooperative when it comes to some of these procedures which make doing them at home difficult and even dangerous. Reputable groomers are specially trained to safely and effectively complete these services that our pets need for their overall health.

Another skill that high-quality groomers hold is a deep understanding of animal behavior. This will ensure that your groomer will be able to tell if your pet becomes stressed, or is exhibiting discomfort in any way.

Not only does this give your pet the most relaxing grooming experience possible, but it can also help identify any underlying health concerns they may have. As you can see, a great groomer can make a huge difference in the health and happiness of any pet!

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Rockledge, FL

  1. Grafton Groomers   (321) 338-2553  566 Barton Blvd. Unit 9, Rockledge, FL

Grafton has one of the highest ratings and includes many reviews stating that even pets who had negative grooming experiences in the past felt comfortable at this shop. They offer several different services, from a la carte nail trims to full grooms (nails, ears, glands, cut, bath, etc…). Expect to pay depending on the size of your dog.

  1. Swaggin’ Tailz Pet Salon. (321) 872-5391  634 Barnes Blvd. #126, Rockledge, FL

Along with a catchy name, Swaggin Tailz boasts high ratings and a very loyal clientele, most likely due to their 13 years of experience in the pet care industry. One of the perks of this salon is the customized services they offer, based on your individual pet’s needs and temperament. They offer everything from nail trims to full doggy spa services.

Melbourne, FL

  1. Doggy D’Tails LLC . (321) 622-6930  4301 N Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL

Doggy D’Tails has been in business for over 7 years, with many of their clients stating how well they can care for a wide variety of pets in particular how well they cater to senior pets. Doggy D’Tails offers services including ear and eye cleaning, nail trims, and full grooms. This salon also offers a retail section with specialty USA-made shampoos and dog treats!

  1. Pampered Paws Pet Spa  (321) 704-0191  1121 S Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL

If you want the true spa experience for your pet, look no further than Pampered Paws. This salon offers in-depth services and luxury add-ons, including flea treatments, ear cleanings, essential oil therapy, skin balms, and teeth brushing. They specialize in both dogs and cats, and also offer boarding services.

Palm Bay, FL

  1. Fabulous Furr Dog Grooming   (321) 368-4915  6265 Minton Road, Palm Bay, FL

The owner and operator at Fabulous Furr has been grooming for over 20 years, and her clients value how attentive she is to every pet that she grooms. Because of her detail-oriented and one-on-one grooming sessions, even nervous or first-time pets will have a stress-free experience.

Titusville, FL

  1. Grooming At Tiffany’s. (321) 267-5955  702 Garden Street, Titusville, FL

With a name like this, you can guess that your pet will get the full luxury experience at Grooming At Tiffany’s. On top of your standard grooming services, this salon specializes in breed-specific clips as well as extravagant add-ons such as mud baths and keratin treatments. Be prepared to spend a little extra at this shop, however. Reviews often claim the higher price is well worth it.

  1. Canine Villa Kennels. (321) 269-3413 717 S Park Ave, Titusville, FL

This full-service grooming facility comes highly recommended by many in the Titusville area. They offer all of your standard grooming services, along with a beautiful boarding facility and outdoor doggy-daycare service. They hold a very loyal clientele, who are willing to drive long distances because of how confident they are in the care their pets receive at this business.

Satellite Beach, FL

  1. Luv On A Leash  (321) 779-9660 1275 S Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach, FL

Luv On A Leash is a quaint, family-run grooming business that offers high quality and attentive services. Many of their clients state how comfortable even the most nervous dogs were while being groomed here. On top of their standard grooming services, your pet will also come home in a complimentary and adorable bandana!

Mobile Grooming in Brevard County, FL

Grooming by Toni  (321) 626-2684

Grooming by Toni offers all of the amazing grooming services for your pet, in a mobile operation. Recommended by Brevard Veterinary Hospital, you can rest assured that your pet will be receiving top-notch care and attention with Toni. Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Saturday between 8-4, and Toni can come right to your door.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has given you some good ideas on why – and where – in Brevard County to take your fur baby to see a groomer. There are more groomers in our area, and we hope this gave you a great start on your search for the perfect fit! Not only will they come back looking their best, but with a reputable groomer, you know they will be feeling their best both mentally and physically as well.

Having trouble finding the time to get your pet to see a groomer? Space Coast Pet Services has your busy schedule covered, and offers a pet taxi service with rides starting at $20! We are also happy to get your pets to and from their regular groomer while we care for them during your travel.

Did we leave your favorite groomer off of our list? Leave us a comment with your recommendation!



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