6 Ways Your Pet Sitter Can Help Keep Your Home Secure

Having the peace of mind that your pets are being looked after well is certainly the obvious perk of a pet sitter, but there are many other reasons to consider a professional caretaker while you’re away. We’ve put together a list of 6 ways your pet sitter can help secure your home!

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1. Giving your home a “lived-in” look

What would be worse than coming home after a trip, to find that you’ve been burglarized? Thieves are good at what they do, and they generally target houses that look uninhabited. Having a pet sitter will give your home that “lived-in” look to help deter intruders. Having a car in the driveway, someone collecting mail, or lights on in the evening are all great ways to keep your home secure. Another big deterrent for many thieves is hearing barking dogs inside of a home or yard, so keeping your pups at their own home whenever possible is usually a safe bet.

2. Ensuring the continued security of property perimeter and entry/exit points

Along with giving your home a “lived-in” look, a pet sitter can also monitor the physical security of your home. Making sure your pooch can’t squeeze through a new hole in the fence, or that your kitty hasn’t scratched a new way to get out through a screened window or door are among some things a pet sitter can keep an eye on. They can also ensure that gates, doors, and windows stay shut and locked and your home alarms are armed to keep the “bad guys” out and your furry family safe and secure.

3. Alerting Law Enforcement of Potential Danger

Should your home appear to have any compromised security points, a reliable home sitter can ensure that authorities are alerted immediately. Our pet and house sitters here at Space Coast Pet Services will call local law enforcement at the first sign of danger so that a security check can be completed. This means that no breaking and entering will go unnoticed while you’re away, as well as ensure the security of your home and pets!

in home house and pet sitter

4. Ensuring your pet doesn’t get up to mischief

Even the perfect pet has their moments of mischief. Naughty behaviors like barking, chewing, or inappropriate potty habits can pop up when our pets become stressed (like when their humans are suddenly gone). Pets have a mind of their own, and other accidents can happen such as shutting themselves in a room, or a kitty’s collar getting stuck on something. Having someone to visit with your pet in their home environment can help reduce these destructive and potentially dangerous mishaps.

5. Home maintenance

As a renter or homeowner, you know that having a house means maintaining a house. Repairs need to happen, and things break down. That doesn’t stop just because you leave for a trip. A pet sitter can continually monitor things like broken air conditioning or a suddenly leaky pipe. The water level of your pool needs to be checked? No problem! Other general household chores – like watering plants or taking out the garbage – can still go on while you’re away with the care of a pet sitter. This will ensure that you don’t come home to an expensive (and completely avoidable) disaster.

6. Extreme weather situations

Although the weather on the Space Coast tends to be hot and humid, there are situations that may unexpectedly pop up which could endanger your home or any unattended pets staying in it. Having a pet sitter can ensure that your house is cared for in the event of high winds, hurricanes, or very heavy rains. Not only can you rest assured that your house will stay intact, but your pets living inside won’t be harmed by whatever twists Mother Nature decides to enact.

Our pets, even the most well adjusted, are always the most comfortable in their home environments. As you’ve just read in the list above, there are many more reasons to consider a home pet sitting service! Space Coast Pet Service’s bonded and insured pet and house sitters can ensure that your furry family and home are cared for just as you like.

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