Top 6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the special daddies in our lives, whether they’re our father, the father of our children, or the father of our fur babies! That’s right. Cat dads, doggie daddies, and fathers of other great pets need not feel excluded this year. There are so many great Father’s Day gifts out there that are simply perfect for that special pet lover in your life.

We here at Space Coast Pet Services have six great gift ideas that will put a smile on Dad’s face this year. Without further ado, onto the list!

1. PupSocks

Some folks might think that socks don’t make a good gift, but the no-nonsense dads out there are in desperate need of some threads, and they may or may not ever actually buy some for themselves.

Grab them a pair of socks that turn heads with their flawless sense of style, and simultaneously celebrate their special pal by picking up a pair of PupSocks.

PupSocks are custom socks that depict the face of their precious pooch for all to see. These socks are comfy and certainly, add some snazzy jazz to a dad’s typically dreary workday ensemble.

Do you have a cat or other pet? Not to worry. Although the company is called PupSocks, they can customize socks with kitty cats, or even your face too, although we’re betting he’ll prefer seeing the dog. No offense!

2. Pet Prints by Flutterbye Prints

Is your pet-loving father more the sentimental type?

In that case, get them a custom pet print from Flutterbye Prints, which boasts having the easiest, safest, and all-around best method of getting your pet’s paw and/or nose print without the mess or the hassle.

From there, they’ll provide a beautifully framed print with your dog or cat’s name on it. Choose from a classy minimalist-style print, a wooden sign, or even a personalized pillow.

This gift is heartfelt and provides a keepsake the pet dad in your life will cherish now and forever. Get yours today!

3. Furbo Pet Camera

Is your doggy dad the type that just can’t stand being away from their little fur baby?

We totally get it, and that’s why we love the Furbo Pet Camera. The Furbo has a 360o field of view so you can keep your eyes on your special pet no matter where they go in the room.

See them, speak to them, toss them a treat, and just revel in their beauty and majesty, even if you’re at work stuck on a sales call and wishing you were anywhere else.

Of course, your dog or cat might need to warm up to the Furbo at first, as more skittish animals don’t immediately understand just what the heck this robot that speaks in your voice is doing in the room. Once they adjust, however, it’s a fantastic gift, and that’s why it’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

top dog cat dad father's day gifts

4. Dog Pool

Father’s Day is in June, when the weather is often at its finest and hottest!

Give your puppy pal a place to cool off with their very own Dog Pool. Since these pools are specifically made for dogs, they are spacious enough to contain dogs from massive mastiffs to dainty dachshunds, hard-shelled to avoid tearing from claws and teeth, and some even include misters to spritz and spray your pup for some bona fide fun in the sun!

Nothing beats a lazy summer day; Dad stretched out in a lawn chair with a cold beer in hand, the dog frolicking in and out of their very own pool. Pick up yours now!

5. BarkBox

How about the gift that keeps on giving?

Set Dad up with a subscription to BarkBox and let the treats and toys keep a-coming. This monthly subscription sends two plush toys, two bags of nutritious and tasty treats, and surprise activities and games for Dad and his furry friend to enjoy.

The best part? You can fully customize the kinds of things BarkBox sends, so you can nix the plushies that your Husky has a habit of demolishing instantly and ask for extra durable chew toys instead.

Try it out now!

6. Services from Space Coast Pet Services

If you’re in the Central Brevard County (Viera, Suntree, Rockledge, or Melbourne) areas, taking advantage of our pet sitting, family-style boarding, and other pet care services at SCPS is a great way to give Dad some peace of mind that his puppy, or kitty cat, is in good hands while he’s out and about.

Foot the bill on his regular dog walking services. Book pet sitting and plan a special weekend out of town. With our great team ensuring your favorite furry friend is getting the best care and lots of love and attention, the sky’s the limit on what you can do to make this Father’s Day extra special.

Contact us for more information now.

Happy Father’s Day!


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