6 Tips and Tricks for Getting the BEST Pictures of Your Pet

Our pets are our family, and just like our human loved ones, we at Space Coast Pet Services know that you enjoy capturing moments of your four-legged friend. Of course, picture taking is the best option for catching those moments, but it can be challenging to get great shots when you have squirmy animals who won’t sit still! Here are some tips for taking great pictures of your Fido or Fluffy.

Pick a Comfortable Space

For the most natural-looking photos, help make the experience feel as normal as possible for your pet. Take pictures in places where your animal feels happy and relaxed, like your backyard, at their favorite park, or even by their favorite window with natural light (which is usually the best option for beautiful pet photos anyway). If you’re taking their pictures in a new environment, give your pet plenty of time to get comfortable in the space. They’ll become more photogenic with time as their and your comfort level increases.

Take Your Time

Getting the perfect shot will most likely take more time than you might expect or plan. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your furry friend will be, allowing for more photographic moments to present themselves. Patience, like in most things in life, is your friend during your four-legged loved one’s photo session. (Pro tip: Treats never hurt in getting a good photo!)

tips and tricks for pet pictures

Point of View

Point of view is the position the camera is in when viewing a scene. One option is to focus on your pet’s eyes when shooting. Try holding a treat right above the camera to help your pet focus on the camera lens without looking directly into the lens.

Another choice is to snap your shots from their eye level. Kneel down to place your face (and your camera) directly in their line of sight. This way, they may feel more comfortable than if you’re looming over them, although they may be more tempted to lick or sniff the camera. Soliciting the help of a friend who is comfortable with your pet and vice versa can also be a great help. One of you can work with the animal while the other works the camera.

Take Plenty of Photos

Pets move, and it can be frustrating trying to get them to stand or sit still. Trying to fight or force them to be still will be exhausting. Try shooting in burst mode to take more photos than you think you need to have plenty of pictures from which to choose. Doing this enables you to capture the moments in between and behind the scene shots, which can be fun and surprisingly candid.

Editing is Your Friend

Using photo editing apps takes some of the stress out of having the perfect lighting and conditions for your pet’s photos. You can remove imperfections like red-eye, crop to resize or remove your hand holding a toy. You can adjust the lighting of the pictures and even add special effects. YouTube is a great resource for learning how to use photo editing app functions.

taking photos of pets

Seek Professional Help

If the process is just too stressful for you and Fido or Fluffy, solicit the help from one of several professional photographers in the area. A simple Google search reveals many pet photographer choices and a lot of them with reviews and samples so that you get a feel for the photographer’s style. One of our Space Coast Pet Services clients recently used Art Face Portrait for her FIVE pups. You can check out her skills on her Art Face Portrait Facebook page.

We hope that you’ve found our picture-taking suggestions helpful! Remember that the more comfortable your pet feels, the more natural your pictures will look. And photo editing is your friend when it comes to creating the perfect look for your pictures.

If you’re ever in need of pet services like pet sitting, dog walking, yard cleanup, and more, we got you! One of the things pet parents enjoy the most is receiving the informative visit report card, or journal, after each of our visits. We include photos of each pet from our time with them and have captured some pretty funny pictures, too. While not professional photos, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing – and seeing – that your pets are happy, healthy, and well-loved while in our care. Book us and see for yourself!

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