The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Dog to Work

As a pet parent, I’m sure you have weighed the pros and cons of taking your dog to work with you. Trying to care for your dog is hard work when you’re working hard to move up in your career. There are many care options to consider when choosing the right care option for your pet during the workweek.

Dog-Friendly Work Places


If you work in a dog-friendly environment, this may provide an easy solution for work-life, dog-life balance. Your furry friend can be by your side all day long. This keeps them out of a crate, out of trouble at home, and allows them the opportunity to get outside as needed throughout the day. Having your dog at work may also provide therapeutic benefits to you as well as your coworkers by providing a calming, comforting presence in a sometimes stressful environment.


While there are many benefits of having your dog with you at work, there are some limitations. Having your dog with you at work may occasionally prevent you from attending meetings, work outings, and travel obligations. You may also have to consider any allergies that your coworkers or clients may have before introducing your pup to your office or workspace.

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Car Crating Your Dog


If you do not work in a dog-friendly work environment, it may be an option to keep your dog crated in your car. While keeping your dog in your vehicle may be helpful for small or young dogs that need frequent bathroom breaks, this may not be the best option for large or older dogs. It is essential to consider whether your dog would be more comfortable staying home, especially if they are free to roam the house while you are away. This option is not recommended if your dog is not required for work (such as a K9).


Car crating your dog is highly dependent on seasonality. If you do decide to crate your dog in your car, be sure they have shade, fresh air flow, water, and be aware of how frequently you will need to let them out for bathroom breaks.

Heat, especially here in Florida, can cause temperatures to rise very quickly even on days it doesn’t feel very hot outside. Not only is this animal abuse, but your pup could likely die, and quite simply, this option isn’t one we recommend at all.

Alternative Workweek Pet Care Options

While you’re away, the puppies can still play! Busy workdays happen. You don’t need to feel guilty about giving your dog their own vacation day away from the office. Considering all of your dog care options will provide your dog with the care they need and give you the support you need to keep your career on track.

Dog Walkers

Dog walkers can stop by your home on days you are busy at work to give your dog a bathroom break or a nice walk to stretch their legs while you are at lunch with your boss working hard to finish that assignment or get that promotion. Take back your lunch break! Hire us to take your pup out mid-day so they can uncross their paws and get some fresh air.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is another excellent option to consider. Your dog will be hard at work playing with their best furry pals while you are working hard to get them some new treats and toys. This is ideal for very active and social dogs who need more stimulation throughout the workday.

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Working From Home

These days, many employers allow employees to work from home some, if not all, days of the week. If you have a proven record of completing your assignments on time and working independently, ask your boss if working from home is an option. This way, you can spend time with your pup while still being a productive team member at work.

Walks, play breaks, and daycare options can be scheduled at any time throughout the day as frequently or infrequently as needed. From rescheduling your lunch playdate with your pooch for a lunch meeting at work, or canceling your evening walk for a work event, your pup will still feel loved and cared for with a professional pet care provider.

It is important to balance your life as an employee as well as a pup parent and chose the best option for both you and your pet. Call us so we can help!



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