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Cat lovers who are hoping to find the perfect feline companion with a heart of gold, lots of fluff, and an endless desire for affection and time with their favorite human pals should look no further than the adored Ragamuffin. With its loving temperament and gorgeous coat, this amazing cat breed may just be a perfect fit! Here’s what you should know before bringing one of these fluffy snuggle buddies home.

Basic Characteristics of Ragamuffin Cats

Ragamuffin cats can look quite large due to all of the fur in their long coats, and cats of this breed tend to be about 10 to 15 lbs. in weight for females and closer to 20 lbs. for males. Don’t let their coats fool you into thinking they’re far larger than they really are, though—they’re still the perfect size for snuggling or carrying around, although they are quite long. Additionally, this breed lives to be about 12 to 18 years old, falling in the typical longevity range for most cats.

A prominent feature of the breed, the coat of a Ragamuffin tends to be long and may have a number of different color combinations. They tend to have solid-colored coats, a mitted pattern, or points, and the colors may range from black, white, brown, or cream to unique shades like silver, lavender, lilac, and chestnut, among others. They may also have any eye color, including having eyes with two different colors in some cases!

The Temperament of a Ragamuffin

One of the high points of Ragamuffins and why they’re such a popular favorite amongst cat enthusiasts is their wonderful personalities and temperaments. These cats are incredibly calm, relaxed, affectionate, and friendly. They absolutely adore getting attention and having regular interactions with others, and they tend to form very deep bonds with those they become close with, too. They may be very easy-going, but they have no qualms with following around their favorite people to spend time with them and hopefully get even more pats and snuggles along the way.

The temperament of this breed makes them great for a variety of different home dynamics as well as spaces of varying sizes. They’re very adaptable to their surroundings, meaning they can easily live comfortably in a small apartment or even a large house. They also do well, in most cases, with families of all sizes, including those with children and even multiple pets. Their calm and friendly demeanor makes them get along well with nearly everyone, regardless of whether those new friends are people or other animals, so it’s rare that you’ll find yourself with a Ragamuffin who isn’t comfortable in nearly all situations.

Exercise for Ragamuffins

There aren’t any highly specific exercise requirements for Ragamuffins since they tend to be very relaxed and not high-strung and need to constantly burn off energy. However, these cats are very playful and thoroughly enjoy engaging in some toy-loaded playtime with their favorite human companions. It’s always a good idea to spend at least some time each day actively interacting with your Ragamuffin to help them bond with you while also enjoying their time playing and running around. Cats of this breed tend to like food quite a lot, so if yours becomes at risk of feline obesity, it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you’re encouraging them to stay active.

The simple acts of placing some cat trees and other furniture designed especially for felines around the home will give them plenty of places to climb, lounge, and move around more often. Additionally, it’s been mentioned that Ragamuffins are also more likely than most cats to do well with both walking on leashes and learning some basic training commands, so these are two great options to keep your cat’s mind sharp and their body fit!

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Grooming Your Ragamuffin

The thought of grooming a Ragamuffin cat may be intimidating at first, but it’s actually not quite as difficult as it would seem, even with as thick and fluffy as their coats can be. Their fur doesn’t tend to tangle very easily thanks to how silky its texture is, but it does still require regular brushing every two to three days to ensure that no mats are developing. For those whose cats have gotten a bit rough around the edges, you may also want to seek the help of a professional groomer to get your Ragamuffin back in top shape and make their coat more manageable for at-home grooming upkeep.

Aside from their luxurious coats, it’s also important to stay on top of regular nail trimming and ear and dental cleaning as needed. Though cleaning your cat’s teeth and ears may be done less frequently, you should always introduce your cat to getting its nails trimmed as soon as possible to help them be more comfortable with the process in the long term.

Ragamuffin Health Concerns

Ragamuffins are an overall somewhat healthy breed of cat, but they do still have a few genetic health risks as well as one main issue related to their laidback personalities.

Considering how much these cats love to lounge and hang around but also love to eat, Ragamuffins are certainly at risk of struggling with obesity if their diets are not regulated and they spend too much time being stationary.

Two genetic conditions that a Ragamuffin may struggle with include polycystic kidney disease, which is a condition that can damage their kidneys and become very serious, and cardiomyopathy, which is a common condition in cats that leads to the muscle of their hearts thickening. In positive news, both of these conditions are genetic, meaning your cat’s veterinarian (as well as any reputable breeders) can test for them and determine your cat’s risk of dealing with either of these at some point over the course of its life.

Bringing a Ragamuffin Home

Regardless of the size of your home or how many human or animal housemates may be living under one roof, the Ragamuffin is a breed of cat that is sure to adapt to nearly any home as long as it gets plenty of love and attention.

When adopting a Ragamuffin from a breeder, you should always be sure to adopt from someone who is reputable and can provide the health information of the cat’s parents and other members of its bloodlines to ensure good health and a good background. On average, you can expect to spend about $800 to $1500 on a Ragamuffin from a breeder, and some may even be as expensive as $2000 or more, depending on the bloodline.

In great news, there are also many rescues out there with Ragamuffins in need of good homes and that are much more affordable. RescueMe provides a directory of Ragamuffin cats available for adoption in the US, and you can also find cats of this breed based on location through both PetFinder as well as AdoptAPet.

Once your brand-new Ragamuffin has made its way home, it may still take some time for both you and your cat pal to get used to the new flow of the household, and you may find yourself needing a little bit of help. Here at Space Coast Pet Services, we are reading and willing to help out with our variety of different services to make sure that you and your feline companion are as comfortable and as well-adjusted as possible. Feel free to reach out and contact us today!



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