Spotlight On: Chihuahua

The featured breed for this post is right up there amongst one of the most exotic dog breeds in the world. If Chihuahua crossed your mind, then you guessed right. This very interesting dog breed is the smallest recognized dog breed in the world and is also named for the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Read on as we discuss more interesting facts about this little furry canine.

Basic Characteristics of Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua is a little load of sweetness, and their cute look adds to their adorableness. Chihuahua coats come in two types: the short coat and the long coat.

The short-coat Chihuahua has a smooth, shiny coat closely fitted to its body. It also has a ruff of thick, longer Hair on its neck. It has a furry tail, plus the hair on its head and ears is thinner.

On the other hand, the long-coated Chihuahua has a flat, slightly curly coat. Its body is almost as smooth as that of the short-coated Chihuahua. However, its ears are covered with a fringe of hair while its tail spreads like a fan over its back. There is also a ruff on its neck and hair covering on its feet, known as feathering. The hair on its stomach is called a frill, while the hair on its legs is called pants – because it covers the legs.

The coat is just the starting point of variation in this breed, as the colors and markings they bear abound. You can find them in the following colors: white, black, gray, fawn, chocolate, and silver, as well as tricolor (which could include chocolate, black, or blue with tan and white), and patterns such as brindle, spotted, merle and a variety of other markings. Shades can vary depending on each dog.

Temperament of Chihuahuas

Please don’t allow the size of the Chihuahua to fool you, as it has a very bold personality. These dog breeds are very sensitive and can quickly adapt to life with a pet parent or family. The breed is friendly with family and kids too. They can be very affectionate around their loved ones. Chihuahuas usually demand a lot of attention as they love to be carried on the lap. They could also be very playful and active despite their small size.

However, they could easily become suspicious and hostile around strangers. This breed is among the top ten dog breeds experts recommend as watchdogs.

Exercise for your Chihuahuas

The health of Chihuahuas is important, and exercising is one way to keep your furry canine in good shape. Your Chihuahua will benefit from two to three daily walks or thirty minutes of exercising.

Although your Chihuahua is small, it can still become obese due to overfeeding and inactivity. The perfect blend of feeding and exercises would help your dog keep fit and healthy.

The kernel club has recommended a maximum of 30 minutes of exercising for this breed. As a pet parent, you should take time to ensure your pet gets the necessary exercise. A walk or two daily will do. If you do not have the te, you can hire a pet sitter to help you get the job done.

Grooming your Chihuahuas

Grooming your Chihuahua is a task that you should take seriously. The nature of grooming you would have to do is dependent on the kind of coat your Chihuahua has. All Chihuahuas will nonetheless need bathing, brushing, and trimming.

The differences in their coat lengths will influence the type of care you offer. While trimming of nails would apply to both long and short hair Chihuahuas, brushing and bathing vary.

Bathing is mostly the same for all Chihuahuas; only you have to be more cautious with the long-hair Chihuahua. Use the right products, not human ones, as this could harm your furry buddy. Bathing should be done weekly.

For brushing, you should do this once a week for both long-hair and short-hair Chihuahuas. This will help with tangling, and hair loss, especially for the long hair Chihuahua. For your long hair Chihuahua, ensure that you use a mist spray on the coat to make it easier for you and your chi. Also, check for knots with your hand and try to untangle them.

Vet/Medical Care for Chihuahuas

A Chihuahua can live for around 12-20 years. This means you have a long time to spend with your Chihuahua friend. Consequently, you would have to pay attention to its health.

Chihuahuas are known to be a rather healthy dog breed. However, they can be prone to some health issues due to their size. The health issues include Spinal Injuries, Canine Distemper, Patellar Luxation, Patellar tracheal collapse, dental disease, Hypoglycemia, heart disease, pulmonic Stenosis, Hip Dysplasia, Hydrocephalus, Obesity, Eye Problems, Liver Problems, Kidney stones.

This list shouldn’t cause any panic, though. These are the diseases to which Chihuahuas are susceptible. It doesn’t in any way mean that your Chihuahua would have any of these diseases.

This is why it’s important to always have regular checkups with the vet to help you stay abreast regarding your chi’s health. Also, ensure that you watch your pet closely. You should see the vet immediately to avoid serious complications if you notice any unusual changes.

It would help if you also insured your pet, as vet bills could pile up in no time. A pet insurance policy will help alleviate the cost of catering for your chi.

Bringing That Cute little Chihuahuas Home

A Chihuahua is a perfect dog to bring home. It would add some fun and excitement to your home.

Nonetheless, consider the cost and responsibility of getting a Chihuahua and caring for one. If you are not ready to give the attention needed to care for this breed, you should change your mind about getting one.

You can get a Chihuahua from a breeder for around $800 to $2000. This is the market price for getting one from a good breeder. However, you can cut all that cost by adopting instead of shopping—many shelters around Brevard County house amazing purebreds. You might just be surprised by what you’ll find!

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