Five Fabulous Photoshoot Themes for your Photogenic Pet

We love our pets! Pet parents typically have a plethora of candid images of their pets, often ready to share at the first indication of interest. If you are like me, you have plenty of photos of your pets lounging around the house, romping and playing outside, or otherwise being their normal delightful selves. While these candid photos are treasured memories, it can sometimes be entertaining and rewarding to engage in a more elaborate photo session as well, but it can be difficult to come up with good ideas that aren’t too elaborate.

Here is a short list of ideas designed to inspire shutterbugs who are looking for something a little different for their next pet-related photoshoot.

Brilliant Bubbles

The colors that slide across the surface of soap bubbles are fascinating and the way that they move in the air can be completely irresistible for some animals. Not only do the bubbles create a beautiful image on their own, but they tend to draw intensely curious and animated expressions from your pet. It is important to be selective about the bubbles you choose for your photoshoot as pets often ingest bubbles when they are playing with them and not all formulas are considered to be non-toxic. The best decision is to choose a bubble solution that was developed for dogs or cats. Not only are these non-toxic to animals, they often come in flavors that are interesting to your pet, such as liver or catnip.

Black and White

Classic black and white photographs have a special nostalgic feel to them that can’t easily be matched in the typical color photograph, but truly striking shots may take a little planning. This style of photography works particularly well with bold textures and striking angles, and you will typically want to steer clear of large swaths of black or white in the background. The quality of the lighting is paramount to a successful black and white shoot as the balance of light and shadow is more observable without the distraction of color. Outdoor monochrome photography is most successful either on overcast days or in the early morning or late afternoon hours. This is a great technique for capturing images of senior dogs and cats. Black and white shots frequently highlight graying muzzles and weathered whiskers in a, particularly poignant way.

Furbaby Announcement

Are you looking for a way to visually showcase your newly adopted pet? With a cooperative, laid-back pet you can amuse your friends and family by recreating a newborn photoshoot with your dog or cat in the place of the newborn. Common poses seen in newborn sessions include images of the infant swaddled, napping with mom or dad, being lifted in the air by their parents, and images of their feet from the bottom of the bed. This theme works best with either a cat or a small to medium-sized dog. Pet parents who are adopting a large or giant-sized adult canine who is cooperative enough to pull this off will still need to think through the logistics of each shot thoroughly to avoid injury to themselves or their canine companion.

(Psst… Want to make sure your pet is clean and sparkly for their photoshoot, but dread giving them a bath? Call your favorite groomer in advance and make sure to schedule an appointment close to your chosen photoshoot day.)

The Call of the Wild

The Florida wilderness makes a stunning backdrop to any photography session. There are several beautiful wilderness areas in Brevard County and many back yards are even lush enough for a convincing “wilderness” shoot. If your dog or cat is willing to wear a leash and venture beyond their own backyard, however, your choice of backdrop opens up considerably.

Pet-friendly wilderness areas in Brevard County such as Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge, Black Point Wildlife Drive’s Cruickshank Trail, or any of these other spectacular trails offer not only breathtaking surroundings to enhance your photoshoot, but also an opportunity to expand your animal companion’s world. Make sure that you have everything that you might need for a hike with your pet, including water, pest repellent, and a first aid kit, and remember to follow safety guidelines and keep your eyes open for dangerous wildlife.

Party Pals

Does your pup have a canine cohort or two that they love to play with? Invite them to meet you for a playdate and bring along your camera. Be sure to snap a quick portrait of the dogs together before they start playing, while they are still neat and clean. Use the pups’ favorite treats or a toy to keep their attention focused on the camera long enough to get the shot then let your dog and his pal loose to pay. Increase your shutter speed or turn on the burst mode on your camera and capture the ensuing joy and delight.

While cats tend to be more independent than dogs, some are downright social. If you happen to have a social feline with a friend or two, a group photo session would be a wonderful reminder of your cat’s unique personality.

While the endless photos of your furry friend wrapped up in blankets on your bed certainly are charming and sweet, it’s also worthwhile to take photos that are a little different every now and then. Hopefully one of these five themes outlined in this guide will inspire you to add a little extra fun and creativity to your next photoshoot.




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