The Important Difference Between Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between dog walking and pet sitting in Brevard County and beyond?  While each service may involve overlapping similarities, there are some very important differences between the two. Furthermore, there are different reasons each service is used by pet parents. 

Dog Walking

Dog walking is simply what the name implies. A dog walker comes in and takes your dog for a walk at predesignated times of the day. The walk might be once a day event or occur multiple times each day, depending on the age and needs of the dog.  In many cases, a dog walker acts as a push in for a busy pet parent who may be at work and can’t be at home to walk the dog or maybe taking that much-needed day trip!

Dog walking in cities such as Rockledge, Melbourne, Viera, Suntree, Cocoa Villiage, and Satellite Beach offers a beautiful mix of various backdrops. The suburbs, city, beach, and explorations in nature offer a dog a blend of a potty break and multisensory experience, depending on your specific locale. Trails galore will excite your dog’s senses. From Canova Beach Park, Sand Point Park and many more, this break from the confines of the home or yard provides multiple opportunities to benefit your dog’s mental and physical health as well as reinforces the specific training needs your dog may need.

No matter where the walk takes place, we keep cleanliness and courtesy in mind. While walking your dog, we will never allow your dog to do his business on anyone’s lawn. We will only allow the dog to utilize the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street. We will always clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste responsibly. 

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting, contrary to dog walking, usually occurs when a pet parent is traveling.  Often referred to as a Home Visit, it involves one or more visits with the pet each day. Because we provide customized pet care, it will look different for each family and their pets. A pet sitter will come in to walk your dog or let her out in the yard, as well as feed and play with your dog while the family is out of town. Pet sitting does not only apply to dogs! Our team at Space Coast Pet Services cares for a wide variety of pets including cats, horses, reptiles, aquatics, exotics, birds and more. If you leave it, we will love it and care for it! We have no breed restrictions!

The Important Difference Between Pet Sitting and Dog Walking 1

Sometimes a family will request overnight visits. This means that the pet sitter will come to the home at night and spend the night and return for at least one mid-day visit/walk/potty break. This service not only allows the pet to be looked after as he would if his family was still in town, but it also provides the safety and security of a house-sitting service as well. Lights will be turned on and on, mail and newspaper can be collected and brought in as well as other little touches that provide the feeling that “somebody’s home.” We do not offer overnight pet sitting services in your home. 


Pet sitting and dog walking apps such as the one we use for booking services keep pet parents informed no matter what time of day or night you check your messages. Real-time updates at the completion of each visit keep pet parents on the go aware of the pet’s progress via photos, a checklist, and journal entry right through the app. This technology offers convenience and allows pet parents to provide last-minute directions to their dog walker or sitter. We all know, there is simply no price tag for that.

The Difference Between Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Brevard

Did You know?

We now offer Poop Scooping service! Let us do the dirty work for you! Who wants to spend their time off scooping poop in the back yard? Enjoy your time off and allow us to take care of this for you. Whether we are sitting for your dog at the time or not, you can book us for ongoing lawn maintenance. 

Our dog walking and pet sitting services offer convenience and peace of mind while you’re on vacation, at home in need of some help or busy at work. How can we help you? We’re ready to answer all of your questions about daily dog walking or pet sitting services.

Already planned upcoming Summer vacations? Book now or contact us at Space Coast Pet Services and let us take the stress of professional pet care off of your to-do list!



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