Choosing the Best Pet Care Option When You Travel

While many pet parents would prefer to take our canine companions with them everywhere they go, that is not always a viable option when traveling. You may have business obligations, the transportation that you are using may not allow pets, or you may not want to leave your dog in an unfamiliar hotel while you visit attractions that don’t allow pets.

No matter what the reason, you want to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, and well cared for while you are away. While many people still employ friends and neighbors to look after their pets when away, more people are leaning towards having professionals in the canine community handle this essential task.

Boarding Facilitiespet care options for travel

More extensive boarding facilities typically have kennels available for your dog to sleep in at night and are kept housed and fed while you are away, but the conditions can vary greatly. Attendants are typically available to feed and interact with your dog, dogs generally are walked two to four times a day, and they may even be allowed time outdoors in individual dog runs. In many cases, however, your canine companion may spend a great deal of the day languishing in their kennel, mainly if you don’t purchase additional amenities.

More expensive boarding facilities can have several different services available, including doggie daycare during the day, and grooming services. Still, it is essential to ask detailed questions before making a choice. An amenity like pool play may mean a designated in-ground pool, or it could just be a kiddie pool to splash in, and one-on-one time can vary from playtime in a small outdoor yard to an attendant merely interacting with the dog in the kennel itself.

These facilities can run anywhere from $25 per night to $75 per night for accommodation in the Space Coast area, and most of them require additional fees for sought after services. Doggie daycare, swimming, grooming, and specialized one on one time are likely to increase the bill by $10 to $20 per service, depending on the facility.

Best for:

  • Friendly, laid back dogs who enjoy interacting with groups of other dogs
  • Aggressive dogs, dogs that are overly territorial, or dogs with a bite history
  • Dogs that have specific medical needs that may require veterinary care (if there are veterinary professionals on staff)
    • Heart conditions
    • Kidney disorders
    • Immune-mediated diseases

Pet Sitting

pet care travel optionHaving your pet watched in someone else’s home is similar to boarding facilities in that your pet will be spending time in an unfamiliar environment. However, instead of staying at a facility with kennels, they will be staying at someone’s home while you are away. This arrangement, similar in nature to bed and breakfasts, gives your dog more autonomy during the day as they are usually allowed the freedom to roam somewhat during the day, and they also tend to enjoy a great deal more human interaction.

These sitting services often have a smaller capacity than the larger boarding facilities, so planning ahead is often advantageous. This is one of the many services that Space Coast Pet Services offers, with limited availability. This option typically runs around $40to $50 per night and does not usually require additional fees for social interactions and activities.

Best for:

  • Social dogs who crave human interaction as well as canine
  • Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Dogs who are friendly with other dogs but don’t enjoy large groups
  • Dogs with conditions that require supervision, but not veterinary care
    • Diabetes
    • Bladder issues
    • Epilepsy

In-Home Carepet care for travel

The majority of pets are much more comfortable staying in their own homes when their owners are away than they are spending time in unfamiliar surroundings. Fortunately, there are many services available that cater to pets that prefer to stay at home.

Services are available online that range from large corporate entities and websites such as Rover, Wag, or to smaller local entities that cater specifically to the Space Coast area in Brevard County, such as Space Coast Pet Services.

The prices for pet sitting in your own home can vary greatly, depending on the services that your dog requires, but provides you with peace of mind that your dog is comfortable at home. Pet-sitting typically ranges from $25 to $50 per drop-in and covers essential services including feeding, watering, walking, playing, cleaning up messes, and medication administration, all on your preferred schedule.

In addition to the basic services, pet sitting companies may provide other amenities for an additional cost, such as staying overnight, transportation to appointments, and even watering plants and collecting mail. Space Coast Pet Services offers additional services such as poop scooping and pet transportation, even the occasional run to the store for medication or extra food or supplies that are needed.

We also provide visit updates, all of which include photos of your pet enjoying their time at home. While the additional services can add up in some cases, it is well worth it for the peace of mind that your pet is comfortable, happy, and well-cared for while you are away.

Best for:

  • Dogs that are not comfortable away from their home
  • Canines who are dog reactive, but friendly with humans
  • Dogs that are set in their ways
  • Dogs with painful or complicating conditions that don’t typically require immediate veterinary care
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Arthritis
    • Blindness

Which is best for me? pet care for travel

Choosing an appropriate care option for your pet can depend on many factors. For instance, those that are prone to separation anxiety but get along well with other dogs often prefer the activity and companionship offered by pet sitting services that are handled in someone’s home. These pups are likely to do well in a boarding facility that includes a doggie daycare option as well.

On the other hand, dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs or who have painful medical conditions that can be exacerbated by frequent interactions with other dogs, such as spinal disorders or hip dysplasia, are likely to prefer care in their own homes. The same goes for dogs who prefer their set schedule and those that are better served with constant access to a doggie door.

The number and variety of pets that you have may also make a difference in how you handle pet care when you are away from home. Many boarding facilities or in-home pet sitting facilities allow multiple dogs, but not other types of pets. For instance, Space Coast Pet Services home away from home pet sitting permits dogs and the occasional caged bird or rodent, but not cats.

If you have a dog and cat that are particularly close, separating them for the duration could cause additional anxiety for both, making in-home pet sitting most appealing. Exotic pets, such as birds, aquatics, snakes, rodents, or lizards, often have complicated setups that can make transportation complicated and can cause the animal a great deal of distress. Pet sitting services provided at your own home is a far more beneficial service for families with a variety of pets.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, or about what services would best suit your pets and your lifestyle, contact us to discuss your options and concerns. We will help point you in the right direction.

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