National Hug Your Cat Day

Did you know that, in ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped and revered? According to National Today, “they were seen as symbols of grace and poise—traits cats are still associated with today.” Hugging is a beautiful way to demonstrate love, compassion, and empathy. People hug each other for many reasons. It can be a happy hug after something great has happened in one of the hugger’s lives.

Hugs can show compassion after a person has had a bad day. Hugs can also be empathetic by one person hugging another person after a loss or something terrible occurring in the receiver’s life. To add even more love to the demonstration of embracing, June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day! A day devoted to demonstrating your love to your kitty BFF by hugging him or her. How awesome is that?! Let’s explore some fun facts about hugging cats.

A Release of Happy Hormones

As cat owners leave for work during the day that leaves the furry feline wondering where their human is going and when they will return. On the human side, work is stressful. There is no better way to relieve the stress of work than to cuddle your kitty at the end of the day.

national hug your cat day

Kitty Cuddles Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Have you ever snuggled or petted a kitty and not been just instantly calm? That’s because it is a natural anti-anxiety drug. Hugging or stroking your kitty friend will lead to lower anxiety, therefore, keeping blood pressure decreased.

Hugging = Healthy

Studies show that being in close contact with your cat can increase your immune system. When a person is in close contact with their cat’s dander, it can create immunity to different types of allergens by building up a tolerance.

Bonding and Companionship

Your cat is a constant steady that is always in your life. Having this type of bond creates a tight companionship between you and your cat. Your cat relies on you for their health needs, food, and love. While you rely on your cat for a close bond that provides a calm, relaxing, stress-free zone.

Hug on Your Cat’s Time

National Hug Your Cat Day 1Although there are many benefits to hugging, snuggling and cuddling, only do so on their time. Cats can be very affectionate animals yet, very standoffish animals at the same time. Know your cat and what he/she likes. Know when they have had enough. Some cats may want to snuggle all day long, whereas some cats only prefer a few minutes of your time each day. Pay attention to their body language and don’t push them past their limits.

Hugging can be a great way to show your joy when being reunited with a person or animal that you have been away from for a certain amount of time. If you have been at work all day and just need to express to your cat that you love them and missed them give them a great big hug. As big as they will allow that is.

Cats do like to do things on their own timing so if they aren’t willing to give you their attention then give them their space. This may prevent a nasty cat scratch or bite. It is not something that they mean to do, but since cats cannot speak to us that is their way of saying “Hey! Get out of my bubble, please!” Learn how to read your cat and only give hugs when they are willing.

We love cats!

The staff at Space Coast Pet Services are fantastic at reading cats and avoiding bites and scratches unnecessarily. All members of our team take ongoing training courses to include learning about cat body language. Next time you need a cat sitter for your feline, contact us to come care for your kitty and enjoy a pur-fect vacation!

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