Keeping your Dog Calm & Safe on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is an exciting, fun time to celebrate with friends and family, but it is also the single day with more lost dogs and cats reported than any other day of the year. It is important to consider your pet to maintain their safety throughout the day. With new people, new sights, and new sounds abound, the celebratory day can be overwhelming for dogs. Be sure to keep these items on your radar from the start of your day through the very last firework of the evening to ensure that your dog will remain happy and safe all day long. 

Food and Drink Safety on the 4th of July

Food and Drink Safety on the 4th of July

With extra treats and new, friendly, food-baring faces around, you can be sure your dog will be keeping their nose busy trying to find extra goodies during cookouts and parties.

Be sure party guests know that your dog is not allowed to have any table scraps even if they usually are permitted. This can eliminate any potential accidents of someone giving your dog something they shouldn’t have. Also, be sure to keep an eye on any unattended food and drinks that are within reach of your dog if they are unleashed. Head to pet-friendly Cocoa Village, Downtown Melbourne, Cocoa Beach or Orlando to eat before you watch the colorful displays!

Dog Water Activity Safety

It’s great to cool off from the hot July sun in the water. If you plan to go to a pool, lake, or one of our local rivers, be sure that your dog is comfortable swimming before you head out on the water. When going to a new pool, it is important to show your dog where the stairs are so they can safely and comfortably exit the pool as needed. Check that any pool areas are secured to avoid unattended swimming activity.

If you’re heading out to a lake or the Banana River, be sure you are aware of any potential water safety concerns including alligators! Keep a water safety vest on your dog at all times. This provides extra support to even the strongest of swimmers. Vests that include a handle area a great idea to help pull your dog out of the water quickly and easily if need be. Check that boats are clear of any trash and any fishing gear that could be hazardous if stepped on or ingested. 

No Fireworks for FidoNo Fireworks for Fido

Fireworks are always a no-no for Fido. For at-home fireworks, be sure that all pets are kept indoors in a calm and quiet area. Choose an area that your pet will feel the safest and most familiar with. This could be a bedroom or their crate. Keeping dogs indoors will help relieve anxiety from unfamiliar, loud sights and sounds. It can also help to avoid any potential injuries they could face from misdirected fireworks or from unwanted escapes due to fear.

It is a smart idea to keep dogs at home if you are planning to go to a firework show away from home. If your pet experiences anxiety despite efforts to keep them calm and secure, essential oils such as Young Living T-Away can provide some additional support during stressful situations. 

Checking on Your Pet

If you are planning on being away for an extended period, be sure to enlist some additional help to take care of your pet. Dog walking and home visits are great options to let your dog stretch their legs, use the fire hydrant, and get some much-deserved extra love while you are out for the day. For longer trips, pet sitters provide the additional care your pet needs. Your dog will thank you for keeping them in mind to limit their stress on a busy day!

Additional Safety Check List Items

These additional safety items will help your pet have a fun and safe 4th of July with their favorite friend – you!

  • Keep dangerous and toxic items away: tiki torches, gas, oil, flammable materials, bug spray, alcohol, and dangerous food items
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Keep a travel bowl and plenty of clean drinking water on hand all day long
  • Obtain proper identification for all pets
  • Update and secure your pet’s collar and microchip identification information in case of unexpected escapes
  • Keep an animal emergency first aid kit on hand for any unforeseen minor injuries

Keep these pet safety items in mind as you celebrate the 4th of July this year. Plan ahead for your 4th of July pet care and contact Space Coast Pet Services for home visits and pet sitting. If your dog is showing signs of a medical emergency, be sure to contact a veterinarian for professional assistance immediately. 

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