How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off of the Couch

You landed on this blog because you want to know how to train your dog to stay off of the couch. So, first thing first: pick a side, any side. When you first bring your dog home, it is essential to take a stance on whether your dog will or will not be allowed on the furniture. Provide clear direction to your pet whether they are welcome to join you for a night of bingeing Netflix on the couch, or if they need to stay down on their own bed. Doing this provides a consistent message to your dog so they will not be confused by mixed messages of sometimes being allowed on the furniture.

Cues to keep your dog off of furniture

If you have chosen to keep your dog off the furniture, you can use verbal cues such as “off” to teach and remind them that they must stay down. If your dog decides to sneak on to the furniture while you are away, blockades can provide a physical reminder that they are not allowed in that space, and provide a physical barrier to prevent access to the furniture. Baby gates, flipped couch cushions, or laundry baskets can be used to block access to furniture.

training dog to stay off furniture

Training your dog with positive reinforcement

You can also use positive reinforcements to keep your dog off your furniture. Keep toys nearby your furniture, and when your dog decides to join you, use your “off” cue, grab a toy, and redirect them to the floor. This helps to keep your dog off your furniture and provides them with a fun alternative. You can also reward the desired behavior of staying off furniture with treats if your dog is uninterested in toys.

Patience and positivity will make training a better experience for you and your dog. Use positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors, and avoid punishment or yelling while your dog is learning their boundaries. Praise and treats are excellent methods for communicating to your dog that they are making a good choice. Choose a training method that works well for both you and your pet that will provide clear boundaries without creating a scary situation that will make your dog uncomfortable or fearful of the space.

Benefits of keeping your dog off furniture

Cuddles on the couch with your favorite furry friend are almost irresistible, but there are a few reasons you may want to train your dog to stay out of your lap and off your furniture. We all know that dogs are worth the extra hair on the floor and the occasional muddy paws, but your furniture may not agree with you. Training your dog to stay off your furniture can limit the risk of dirty or damaged furniture, keep your pet off the laps of visitors, and ensure that they do not overstay their welcome in another person’s home by jumping on their furniture.

how to keep your puppy off of the couch

Additional help for dog training

Professional dog trainers are a great resource to use for some additional tips and tricks if your dog is still sneaking on to your furniture. Check out some of our recommendations in Brevard County. If your dog is taking too many cat naps during the day, be sure to call us! We can provide your dog with supplemental walks throughout the day so they are ready to lay down with you – on or off the couch – at the end of the day.

Share with us in the comments some tips that helped you train your pup to stay off of your furniture. We would love to hear them!



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