How Expensive is a Dog Trainer in Brevard County?

Before signing up for an online dog training deal, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind including your budget.

First, what skills would you like to help your dog learn? Classes range from puppy to senior and everything in between. Your dog’s age, personality, and skill set may determine which type of class is the best fit for their needs. For puppies, training is a great opportunity to develop socialization skills and learn basic commands, while older dogs may benefit from working through specific undesired behaviors such as barking, jumping, or “selective hearing.”

Cost of Dog Training in Brevard County, Florida

$ Community Classes | Cost: FREE!

Many community resources offer free classes for socialization and basic commands. These classes are a great place for puppies to learn socialization skills with other dogs of a similar age, and to learn basic commands. Before attending these classes, be sure to check vaccination requirements to ensure the health of your dog and your fellow four-legged classmates.

Brevard Humane Society Basic Obedience Class

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Obedience Class

$$ Group Classes | Cost: $100 – $300 Multiple Week Package

Paid group classes offer similar opportunities as free community classes with a more extensive curriculum. Group classes can be behavioral-based for learning new commands or redirecting undesired behaviors, or skill-specific such as agility or showmanship which can be both mentally and physically rewarding.

Group classes allow your dog to practice and develop their listening skills amongst the distractions that may be present with surrounding people and dogs. In a group setting, there is an opportunity to learn through other people from their questions and through the behavior their dog exhibits.

Great Scott Dog Training

$$$ Private Classes | Cost: $100+ Per Session

Private or at-home training sessions are the most costly. This option provides a flexible schedule and a personalized training plan for your pet. Private training is a good option for dogs that need help with specific training goals or specific undesired behaviors, such as barking, jumping, or leash manners. Private training is also a good option for dogs who don’t do well in group settings or who may be aggressive.

While we have been dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic, many pet parents have benefitted from virtual training classes online even. Ask if that is an option when shopping around if you have health and safety concerns.

Cold Nose College

Bark Busters

The best training option for your dog

Dogs learn best when they are relaxed, comfortable, and confident. Keep your dog’s personality in mind as you decide which training option is the best fit. Before you sign up for any type of dog training, speak with the trainer about what training methods they use and their previous experience. Determine if you feel the trainer will be a good fit for both you and your dog.

Classes are a great way for both new and experienced pet owners to develop effective communication with their pet, develop a positive relationship, and decrease the risk of surrendering an animal because of preventable undesired behaviors.

Practice makes perfect!

All Work and No Play? Just like people, dogs need mental breaks too. All that training is hard work! Be sure you keep your practice training at home positive, fun, and not too long. Your dog will let you know when they are ready for a break. If your dog is in training, be sure to let your pet care provider know so they can continue to reinforce new commands and behaviors while they are with your pet.

Which local trainer have you had success with? Give them a shout out in the comments below!


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