Rain or Shine: Dog Walking Essentials in Brevard County

Your furry companion loves going for walks! Daily walks are very important to their health and emotional well-being and to yours. However, sometimes we are forced to walk them in less-than-desirable conditions. Rain or shine, below is a survival guide for getting out there, getting your walk on, and enjoying the time spent with your pup.

Properly Fitted Collar with ID Tag

Remember that time your dog’s collar was too loose, and she took off in the opposite direction in busy traffic while chasing a bunny? A properly fitting collar is one of the most important things that you should consider for your dog’s safety.

When worn correctly, you should be able to fit two fingers under the collar. This ensures it is not too loose, but it is tight enough to be secure and comfortable. This applies in any environment when they will be on a leash. Dogs are easily distracted. It takes one tug and they are off! An ID tag is equally as important. If your dog sneaks between your legs before you get a chance to get their leash on, it is important for your neighbors to know where Fido lives, so he makes it home safely.

Fixed-Length Leash

Naturally, it is tempting to buy the longest leash on the market so your dog can run free! Unfortunately, that is not the best method when walking your furbaby. Not only does it add space between the two of you, but it could also encourage bad behavior while on a leash.

A flexible leash encourages pulling. Constant tension around your pet’s neck means “go forward!” Ideally, and with proper training, your pet will be on a fixed-length leash that has enough slack to avoid pulling and jerking. It takes time to master the art of walking comfortably with your furry companion.

Reflective Leash or Collar

When it is overcast and dreary out, be sure to wear reflective gear so you are visible to traffic and other passersby. Wearing bright colors, or reflective strips will help you stand out to passing vehicles. Be sure your pet has the same visibility by having them wear a reflective collar and leash. One product that we recommend here at Space Coast Pet Services, is the Headlight Harness.

This harness is a valuable tool when walking at dusk or at night and provides 80 Lumens of LED light to help light up the road or walkway, keeping you and your dog safe while on your adventure. This harness fits comfortably and avoids unnecessary pressure on your pet’s neck. See the link below for a special offer!

Modify Your Dog Walking Route

Perhaps it is pouring down rain, or maybe just a few sprinkles. Whatever the case, selecting a quieter route will make for a nicer walk with your dog, as cars will not be whizzing by splashing you and your pet. Also, find higher ground and areas with fewer puddles. A shorter route might be a good option as well, so you can get your exercise in without being too miserable. 

Doggie Rain Boots

Some dogs struggle with sensitive paws, especially when walking on rugged back roads, trails, or muddy, slushy conditions. Doggie boots, like these, may be a practical option for your pup if the conditions are not ideal. Many dogs will wear them, while some will be more apprehensive. Practice having your pup wear them around the house to “break them in!”

Doggie Raincoat

Imagine being drenched with little to no protection from the elements. Long, shaggy fur weighed down with water, will make your walk less than ideal for your furry friend. There are many raincoats available online and in the stores. Be sure to take measurements so you find the perfect fit.

Waste Bags

You know it is going to happen. Be prepared on your walk with some poop bags. Please do not be “that dog owner” and allow your furbaby to make a mess in someone else’s yard or shared spaces on the road or trails. Throw a few plastic bags into your pockets so you can do your part, while Fido does his! We really like these Amazon bags for dog walks at work AND at home!

Water and Treats

Just as uncomfortable as it can be walking in rainy weather with your pet, walking in extreme heat can be just as miserable. While daily walks are important, please watch the weather for temperatures that may be too hot to expose your pets to. Not only are they stressed in extreme heat, but their paws will also be scorched on the hot cement or asphalt.

Use your best judgment when you decide to go for your walk. If you do go, remember to always bring water for your pet to cool them down and to keep them hydrated. We really like this doggie water bottle for on-the-go. Also, treats make their walk fun! Sneak a few into your pocket as a fun reward during your walk!

These are just a few things to consider when taking your loyal companion for a walk. Remember, walking your dog daily is beneficial to their health and well-being. Check out our previous post on The Top 5 Benefits Daily of Daily Dog Walks for more information!


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While conditions may not always be ideal, it is important to maintain consistency with your pet. We understand that daily walks may sometimes be difficult if you are away from home all day. Even if you’re working from home, it may not always be convenient to take your pup out for a walk in the middle of those darn back-to-back Zoom calls. Space Coast Pet Services is here to help! We offer dog walking services. When you are not available, but Fido expects his walk, allow us to help. Contact Space Coast Pet Services for more information.

Happy Walking!



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