Top 2 Dog Parks in Beachside South Brevard County, FL (Dog Park Series Pt. 5)

In this Dog Park Series, we are exploring our favorite dog parks in Brevard County, FL as well as tips for the best dog park experience for you and your favorite dog pals! In Part 4, we discussed the benefits of visiting dog parks. In the final part of this dog park series, we will be talking about dog park etiquette dos and don’ts as we discover 2 fun dog parks in Beachside South Brevard County. Let’s go!

Dog Park Etiquette

Just like any other community space, it is important to keep a few dos and don’ts in mind to ensure a fun visit for you and other guests. When you first arrive at the dog park, make sure that your dog shows good manners and waits at the gate to be let in. Waiting at the entrance provides time to make sure that your dog is under control and other dogs are safely away from the gate to prevent any escape artists from sneaking out.

Be sure to check that all gates are secured before you enter and exit the park. While enjoying your time at the dog park, make sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times. Supervising your dog will help prevent them from rough play with other dogs, and allow you to make sure they are enjoying their time with other friends at the park. Supervision also allows you to keep track of potty breaks.

The golden rule of the dog park: There is no poop fairy! Always pick up after your pet to keep the park clean.

Another thing to keep in mind for proper dog park etiquette is that sharing is caring… most of the time. Some dogs may show aggression with sharing toys or may have dietary restrictions. It is important to check with other dog owners before sharing toys, water, and treats.

Lastly, use your best judgment when planning a visit to the dog park. If your dog is nervous or unfriendly around other dogs, showing signs of illness, is not vaccinated, spayed, or neutered, it is best to keep them home. If you are unsure about whether your dog should visit the dog park, always check the park-specific rules and regulations first.

Dog Parks Beachside South Brevard County

Dog Park Etiquette Dos and Don’ts


  • Wait at the Gate
  • Supervise at all Times
  • Get Vaccinated
  • Get Spayed or Neutered


  • Share before Asking
  • Wait for the Poop Fairy

Dog Parks in Beachside South Brevard, FL

The perfect place to chill out! Swimming pools, drinking water, and a rinse station make this off-leash park a great place to cool off from the heat. Proof of vaccinations and a park fee are required.

  • Canova Dog Beach
    • Location: 3299 N Hwy A1A, Indialantic, FL
    • Phone: (321) 255-4400

Soak up some sun and get those paws nice and sandy. This 9-acre dog park is right on the beach. This park offers picnic shelters, grills, and restrooms. You can make a day of fun in the sun with the whole family, including your fur baby at Canova Dog Beach Park. This park is free to use, but dogs must show tags with current license and vaccinations.

Canova Beach Dog Park Brevard County, FL

Good dog park etiquette ensures a fun and safe visit for you, your pet, and other guests at the dog park. If you can’t make it to the dog park with your dog, or if your dog needs more personalized attention, contact Space Coast Pet Services to create a custom care plan for your pet!

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