Purr-fect: 6 Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts for your Loveable Cat

For a Valentine’s Day gift that will delight your furbaby, but won’t break the bank, try one of these fun projects. Each of these 6 wonderful and easy DIY Valentine’s gifts for your cat can be made in an hour or less at little or no cost to you.

The holiday of Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th, was first established in 496 AD by Pope Gelasius I as a feasting day to honor the life of Saint Valentine of Rome. While the mid-February celebration replaced the Roman fertility festival know as Lupercalia for many people of the time, Valentine’s day was not clearly connected to love and romance until several centuries later, when Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the poem Parlement of Foules to commemorate the engagement of Anna of Bohemia to King Richard II.

It has become a much larger phenomenon since the 14th century, with over 20 billion dollars of gifts, cards, and flowers purchased in the United States to show our loved ones just how much we appreciate them. While the average house cat doesn’t spend their time checking off the days until Valentine’s, they do enjoy a little appreciation now and then.

Valentine’s Day crafts can be an excellent way for your feline family member to stay active and warm during the heart of the winter season.

easy diy gifts for cats

Valentine’s Sock Fish – less than $5

Entertain your favorite feline with these simple fish toys made out of Valentine’s Day socks! Either pick up a pair of Valentine’s Day socks at your local dollar or thrift store or grab an old sock or two from your own drawer. Stuff the foot of the sock with either crinkly paper or fiberfill, making sure to leave enough sock left over to create a fishy tail. Tie a knot in the sock, right above where the filling is, forming a fish-like shape. If you are feeling exceptionally crafty, you can use a sharpie to add a circle or x near the toe to represent the eye of the fish.

Colorful Sock Sausage – less than $5

These Colorful Sock Sausages are a great option for cats of all sorts; active cats will love getting some extra exercise by kicking and tossing the toy in the air, while calmer cats will enjoy cuddling up to it in their beds. Either pick up a pair of warm, knit knee-high socks at your local dollar or thrift store, order conveniently on Amazon, or grab a suitable sock from your drawer or laundry basket.

Cut off the foot of the sock and tie the end shut with twine or faux leather lace (you can add a drop of pet-safe glue to the knot for added security if you wish). Spread out the amount of fiberfill you plan on using and sprinkle catnip on it. Stuff the fiberfill into the sock until it is nearly full. Tie off the other end of the sock with the same twine or faux leather that you used previously.

Sunshine Wheel – free

This is an exceptionally easy project that won’t cost you a cent and will provide hours of fun for your feline friend. Grab a plain, empty toilet paper roll and cut the ends into ½ inch strips, leaving about an inch and a half uncut in the middle.

Carefully bend each strip outwards to resemble the rays of the sun. While this is extremely easy to put together, the unique shape that is created causes this toy to bounce and roll in unusual and interesting ways, providing hours of fun for your cat. This is a fantastic feline-friendly project that you can do with kids as well, as long as they are old enough to handle scissors.

easy diy cat valentine gifts

No-sew Fleece Cat Bed – approximately $5-$10

If you have been reading my blog, this project may look or sound familiar to you as it was featured in my article, DIY ideas for holiday presents for your dog. Still, it works just as well for cats. It only takes half of a yard of fleece to create a fantastic sitting spot for your domestic diva.

Create a fringe around the border of the fabric by cutting two-inch-wide strips around each of the edges. Cut each of the two-inch-wide strips in half to create inch-wide strips. Tie each pair of strips into tight double knots. The project often appears bunched up and lumpy while you are busy tying the knots, but a gentle tug on the corners after you are finished will straighten it right out.

Knotty Spider – less than $5

The Knotty Spider will provide your master hunter with a great deal of fun and exercise for minimal cost and effort. Start by cutting two sheets of different colored felt into 8-10 equal-sized strips. You can choose traditional Valentine’s Day colors, such as red and pink, or you can just choose to use your cat’s favorite colors.

Use either the plastic ring from a milk jug or a simple keyring as the base of the toy. Place a strip of felt through the ring, then tie it in a double knot around the ring, then do the same with a strip of the other color of felt. Continue tying strips to the ring, alternating between colors, until the ring is full.

Tupperware Treat Challenge – less than $5

Cats are built for hunting, but with the exception of a random mouse or two, most domestic cats don’t really get the opportunity to use their skills. Your cat will love the opportunity to forage for their food with this inexpensive but clever puzzle toy.

Get a shallow disposable food container large enough to hold around seven to ten cups of food. Draw three to five circles on the lid by tracing around a shot-glass or other similarly sized object, then cut the circles out. Remove the ink with rubbing alcohol and either sand the edges of the holes smooth or cauterize them to ensure your kitty is comfortable while playing. Put a few of your cat’s small, ball-like toys in the container along with a handful of treats or kibble, put the holey lid on the container, and watch your cat rise to the challenge!

BONUS!! DIY No-Sew Valentine’s Day Collar – less than $5

DIY No-Sew Valentine's Day Collar for Cat or Dog

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it’s time to think about those who are close to us. There are no rules to say that this celebration has to be about humans only. There is a simple reason for this: our animals give us unconditional love, they keep us company when no one else is around and most prove to be the most loyal companions, making them important for events such as Valentine’s Day as well.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we should celebrate our four-legged friends on this day. This guide will show you how to make a cute Valentine’s Day no-sew collar with a bow for your cat or dog.

What you’ll need:

  • 6×10″ piece of fabric (min.) – adjust the length to your pet’s neck circumference
  • Velcro tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


1. Cut two pieces of fabric of your choice. For the bow: 10cmx20cm. For the collar: 5cmx25cm – adjust the length to your pet.
2. Fold the fabric for the bow in two and cut the 2 sides diagonally.
3. Turn the fabric and fold it in half the other way around, with the right sides facing. Glue the edges together with the hot glue gun. Leave the end open so you can turn the fabric right side out.
4. After the glue hardens, turn it right side out.
5. Tuck in the ends of the remaining side and glue them together.
6. Take the ends of the bow and fold one on top of the other in the middle.
7. Flip the bow and pinch it together at the center. Secure it with a little piece of scrap fabric and glue.
8. Take the fabric for the collar and glue the sides down.
9. Place a piece of velcro tape on both ends and secure it with glue.
10. Stick the bow in the middle of the collar with glue and you’re done!

Just follow the illustrations in the guide and enjoy the making of this pretty personalized collar for your furry friend.

Purr-fect: 6 Easy DIY Valentine's Gifts for your Loveable Cat 1

Happy Crafting!

These are just a few of the many ideas available to create wonderful gifts for your feline family member. With just a little ingenuity, you can probably come up with a few of your own ideas as well.

While these toys are typically safe for quite some time, it is still important to keep an eye on your cat’s toys to ensure that they remain safe and don’t develop any small pieces that could present a choking hazard or jagged areas that may cause cuts or scrapes.

Those who choose to make a gift for their beloved cats this Valentine’s Day will receive the greatest of Valentine’s Day gifts. After all, as Charles Dickens said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

Want another way to show your cat that you care? Contact us so we can love on your sweet kitty when you have to travel or just need an extra hand around the house!




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