Trustworthy Animal Rescue Groups in Brevard County, Florida

Dogs and cats are very fertile animals that can produce several litters every year. If the math is calculated to determine the number of puppies and kittens in each litter there is a potential for one dog to produce 12-20 puppies and a cat can produce 12-18 kittens in a year. About twenty-three percent of those puppies and kittens will end up being euthanized. Approximately 49% of those puppies and kittens will find homes.

It is only through the good graces of trustworthy pet rescue and animal shelters that these pets find their loving forever home. In honor of Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, we are going to highlight some pet rescue groups in Brevard County, Florida’s Space Coast.

February is nationally recognized as National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. According to the Humane Society, the purpose is to encourage people to have their pets sterilized before the spring and summer months when there is a rampant overproduction of puppies and kittens.

Coastal Poodle Rescue

Coastal Poodle Rescue (CPR) is a fostering service that is 100% volunteer-driven. It was established in 2004 and their stats have grown significantly. The number of poodles saved is 1,801 to date. Each poodle is adopted in Florida as they require a home visit prior to adoption. CPR relies upon donations to continue to care for the poodles they are fostering. Coastal Poodle Rescue also hosts an array of events to support their foster poodles. Did you see them at Mardi Gras Paws in the Park in Cocoa Riverfront Park on February 17, 2019? Support these lovely poodle pups and the people caring for them!

Helping Overpopulation of Pets End (HOPE)

Helping Overpopulation of Pets End (HOPE) has been helping mainly homeless cats, but dogs as well since 2012. HOPE not only fosters pets they also educate the community, have a Trap-Neuter-Release program, and assist low-income residents to care for their pets. Two thumbs up to this recuse for all that they do! You can support them further by checking out their thrift store “Pawsitive HOPE” in Melbourne, Florida. Check out HOPE’s website for other ways to support them in their rally to bring hope to the pets of Brevard County.

SPCA of Brevard

SPCA is a shelter in Titusville, Florida that provides a multitude of services for the surrounding area. The SPCA is not only a shelter but has a low-cost clinic as well. This allows SPCA to offer basic services such as spaying, neutering, and vaccinations at an affordable price. On Saturday, February 16, 2019, the SPCA will be having an open house at their Adoption Center with many vendors and adoptable animals. You can also find their Petmobile location calendar on their website. 

Wild Florida Rescue

Wild Florida Rescue is a wildlife rescue founded by two people, Baleen “Heather” Pepe-Dillon and Matthew Buice. They each have a passion for saving wildlife that inhabits Melbourne, Florida, and the surrounding area. They provide around-the-clock rescues for any wild animal that may be in danger. Their Facebook page highlights the work they do and any events/fundraisers going on.

spay and neuter your pet

Be cautious when supporting a “Rescue”

Not all rescues are created equal. When donating to a pet rescue either cats, dogs, horses or any other animal make sure you know where your money, supplies, or time is going. I encourage you to support a local shelter or pet rescue, but before sponsoring financially stop by the shelter and take a look around. Space Coast Daily reports a “rescue” that was doing more harm than good.

Support our Space Coast pets!

According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million cats and dogs enter US shelters and rescues in one calendar year. Although it is great news that this number has seen a decline, we as pet lovers/parents and caretakers need to continue this march forward to ensure the decline continues. So, help a shelter out this month! It can be as simple as sharing this article on Facebook about the importance of spaying/neutering or as extensive as adopting a new pet.

Don’t forget about a caretaker for your new furry friend or even the fur babies you already have. Space Coast Pet Services provides several pet services from cat sitting to pet taxi to dog walking services. Check out our website to see a full list of our services and join our pet family.

Happy Adopting!




  1. Patrick Welker

    Hello, we have a dog that is highly energetic and unfortunately is capable of jumping our fences. She is a good family dog but needs a home that she can openly run. How can you help us find her a good home.

    • Melanie Haynes

      Hi Patrick, We recommend contacting one of our local rescues for help with this. We only operate in pet care/pet sitting and not pet rehoming or rescue. Thanks for checking out our article and good luck!



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