The Best Dog Parks in South Brevard County, FL (Dog Park Series Pt. 3)

In this Dog Park Series, we are exploring our favorite dog parks in Brevard County, FL as well as tips for the best dog park experience for you and your favorite dog pals! In Part 2, we went through our checklist for our grab-and-go dog park pack. Now that you have all the gear you need packed up and ready to go, let’s make sure your dog is ready for their dog park outing!

Preparing Your Pet for the Dog Park

Before you head to the dog park, it is a great idea to schedule a routine checkup with your veterinarian. Check that your pup is up to date on all vaccinations. Vaccinations can help to prevent spreading any canine illnesses and diseases with other dogs at the park. After your pet is up-to-date on any vaccines, make sure you update their tags.

It is essential to check that your dog’s collar has accurate and current information on their identification and vaccination tags. Some parks may also require a tag to show proof of purchase of park fees. Always be sure to check park-specific regulations before you head to a dog park. You can check information signs posted at the park, or call the local Brevard County Parks and Recreation office for park-specific rules and regulations.

The Best Dog Parks in Southern Brevard County, FL

Dog Parks in Southern Brevard County, FL

  • Palm Bay Regional Dog Park
    • Location: 1951 Malabar Rd NW, Palm Bay, FL 32908
    • Phone: (321) 952-2321

Palm Bay Regional Dog Park, located within Fred Poppe Regional Park has over 200 acres that include lakes, athletic fields, walking trails, playgrounds, and restrooms. The dog park provides a large space for dogs to play off-leash. There are also separate spaces for both small and large dogs. Be sure to keep your dog in designated dog-friendly areas throughout the park.

  • Pieloch Dog Park
    • Location: 400 Florida Ave., West Melbourne, FL 32901
    • Cost: FREE

Southwest Recreational Complex offers this recently opened (April 2019) dog park that was built by volunteers! With shaded seating areas for pet parents, there are large fenced areas for dogs to play off-leash complete with obstacle courses and a mist-spraying fire hydrant.

  • Wickham Dog Park
    • Location: 2500 Parkway Dr. Melbourne, FL 32905
    • Phone: (321) 255-4307
    • Hours: 7 am – Sunset
    • Cost: FREE

Wickham Dog Park offers an off-leash dog park play space with separate areas for both small dogs and large dogs. This park is free of cost, but current Brevard County tags and vaccination tags are required.

  • Sebastian Bark Park
    • Location: 245 Keen Ter. Sebastian, FL 32958
    • Phone: (772) 228-7054
    • Hours: Sunrise – Sunset
    • Cost: FREE

Sebastian Bark Park is a free, off-leash dog park. This park is over 7 acres and offers parking, picnic tables, and dog bag stations. There is also a lake with a walking trail on the property. Make sure that your dog is off-leash in designated areas only and has proper identification and vaccination tags.

The Best Dog Parks in Southern Brevard County, FL

If you can’t make it to the dog park with your dog, or if your dog needs more personalized attention, contact Space Coast Pet Services to create a custom care plan for your pet!

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