How Being a Pet Parent Can Change Your Life <3

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” These are words from George Eliot, a novelist in the 1800’s, on his appreciation for the relationship between pets and people.

After a stressful day, you long for that moment; the moment you walk through the door, unconditional love is there waiting to greet you. Pets offer a sense of social support and belonging that is unwavering and unmatched by any other creature on this planet. Not only do they provide snuggles, wet kisses, and adoration towards you, they are a constant companion.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that pets can be relaxing and encourage the release of endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. Petting your furry friend is also shown to help lower blood pressure. They are also great “reminders” to get outside and move, especially if your fur baby is a dog. Daily walks and other forms of exercise with your pet will help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Emotional Support

Animals are known around the globe for offering humans emotional help in various settings, through therapeutic means. One study discusses the interaction between humans and animals and shows a significant improvement in depressive symptoms while lowering blood pressure. This study also indicates that animals positively affected the elderly and showed improvement in their quality of life.

Pets are there to listen. They know when we are sad. Never ever doubt your pet’s heart because they are there for you. Our fur babies possess everyday heroism of instinctively appearing at our sides when we are in distress.

Humor, Wit, and Charm

Our beloved pets have cartoonish wit, dozy demeanors, and a whimsical playfulness unmatched by most humans. Ever see a furry friend sporting rain boots or a kitschy sweater on their walk? There is something about it that is intrinsically humorous. I bet you can’t not smile when your fur baby rolls around on the ground with a toilet paper roll, one of your socks, or perhaps a flip flop? They are here to make us laugh, smile and create a life full of happiness, giggles, and joy.

being a pet parent

Teaching Responsibility to Children

Furry pets are fun and an exciting journey to embark upon with your family. Along with all the “fun” stuff comes the routine, schedule, and daily duties of caring for your pet. Involving children at a young age during this process encourages routine, responsibility, and the art of empathy and nurturing another creature. Caring for a pet also helps a child prioritize their schedule. Lastly, it is also an excellent outlet for children, as it minimizes screen time and promotes playtime with their favorite “friend.”


Pets have been shown to assist children or adults with special needs, whether to warn them of impending danger or to help with everyday tasks that may be daunting to some. They are flexible creatures with a sponge-like training ability. Your fur baby can also provide a quiet space for your child during a meltdown or time of hyperactivity and a non-judgmental presence that only an animal can provide.

Unconditional Love

This goes without saying: A pet, be it a cat, dog, bird, hamster, or any other creature that chooses you, will love with you with the deepest, most unconditional love you will ever know. For instance, dogs are the only species, like a child, that will run to its human when it is happy, excited, scared, or sad. Pets do not care if your hair is a mess, or if you did not clean the house this week, do the laundry, or even shower. They are there to love you no matter what.

I passionately believe that pets choose us. They pick their families, families that will love and adore them through life’s most difficult days, happiest times, and times of solitude. Pets are the conduit to unconditional love and will forever change your life. We often look back on some of the most memorable times in our lives and recall the one constant …our pet. While they are a commitment and require our time, the rewards are tenfold.

While your fur baby’s care is of the utmost importance, Space Coast Pet Services is here to help you during your pet parenting days. Travel happens, long days at the office are inevitable. We offer many services so your pet does not miss a beat while you’re away: home-style boarding, dog walking, and in-home pet visits.

Tell us in the comments: What are the ways your fur baby has changed your life for the better?


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