5 Ways To Help Your Local Brevard County Animal Rescue

There are many reasons to help your local animal rescue. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, a way to help local animals in need, and [best of all] it is a perfect way to get some unconditional love from furry friends. Animals at the shelter need time, energy, love, and a few other important things that you can help with.

Here are 5 ways you can help our Space Coast animal rescues.

  1. Volunteer with Animals

As an animal lover, you’re well aware that animals take a lot of time and energy. Animal shelters seek out volunteers to help run their operations. Volunteering your time provides the animal shelter with free help to feed, exercise, socialize, and clean up after the cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, and many other animal rescue critters.

  1. Volunteer with Operations

If you get sneezy even thinking about animal fur or don’t feel comfortable directly caring for the animals, you can volunteer your time to help with administrative or maintenance tasks. This could include answering phones, helping with paperwork, submitting paperwork for grants and financial assistance, changing lightbulbs, painting, or many other day-to-day tasks. These are just as important as caring for the animals. Without a functional facility, the animals wouldn’t have a safe place to stay.

  1. Financial Donations

Don’t have the time to commit to a regular volunteer shift? Animal rescues are always in need of financial donations. Financial donations provide the resources needed to run an animal rescue. This includes administrative expenses such as building, electricity, and staffing costs, as well as the cost of care for the animals; food, vaccinations, and vet care. You can make a one-time donation to the animal shelter of your choice, or you can set up a monthly contribution if you are able.

  1. Supplies

In addition to financial donations, animal rescues also need supplies. Food, toys, and cleaning supplies are almost always a sure bet for desired resources.

Most organizations have a wish list on their website or may have an Amazon wish list set up so you can purchase items they are most in need of and have them delivered directly to the organization. Supply donations don’t always have to cost money.  Many animal rescues seek supplies that you can donate while cleaning out your home; gently used towels, blankets, and sheets can be used for animal comfort items or for cleaning.

  1. Adopt!

The biggest, most impactful way to help your local animal rescue is to adopt an animal. Of course, this is only if you are capable of providing a long term, “fur-ever” home for an animal in need. Many successful animal rescues partner with other rescues to bring in animals that may be overlooked in different areas. This may be due to more densely populated areas, or animals that may be a better fit in another community.

For example, a dog that doesn’t get along well with other dogs may not do well in a dog-friendly, leash-optional community, and a dog that loves to go for long leash-free hikes may not do well in a city environment. Adopting an animal opens up space and an opportunity for another animal to come in and have a safe place while they wait to find their “fur-ever” home.

Every Effort Helps!

Every minute, dollar, blanket, and bag of food donated to an animal rescue makes a huge difference to animals in need. To make your impact even larger, get others involved. You can multiple your impact by simply asking others to get involved.

Get a group of friends, family, or coworkers to volunteer together. Imagine how many animals could get exercised if a work group committed to volunteering over a lunch break! Have a birthday, wedding, or other gift-getting occasion coming up?

Instead of gifts, you could set up a supply drive or a fundraiser for your local animal rescue. Getting others involved in your volunteering efforts and sharing information about animal rescue is a great way to educate your friends, family, and community about the benefits of rescue organizations and adoption.

Is Volunteering at an Animal Rescue Right for You?

Still aren’t sure if volunteering at an animal rescue is a good fit for you? Call to set up a time to take a tour, talk with current volunteers and staff, or sign up for a volunteer orientation to get your questions answered. You want to make sure the type of help you sign up for is a good fit for you so you are motivated to help out the best way you can.

The goal of animal rescue is to provide loving, caring, long term homes for animals in need.

Space Coast Pet Service is happy to provide services to your rescue animal. Providing a consistent care routine with consistent training efforts helps create trust and stability within a new environment.



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